Small groups are vital to a healthy church. For many churches, small groups are Sunday School classes. For growing numbers of churches small groups meet off-campus during the week.

Small groups, regardless of when and where they meet, or what they are called, can be the primary church strategy for accomplishing the Great Commission.


  1. Why are small groups so strategic in fulfilling the Great Commission?
Small groups, properly structured, enable to church to effectively accomplish the functions of the church: worship, fellowship, ministry, evangelism, and discipleship.
  1. Why do we need small groups if we have a "teaching" pastor and exceptional worship services?
Regular corporate worship should be a part of every church. However, worship services with more than 50 in regular attendance cannot effective develop relationships, meet needs, and make disciples. Relationships are strengthened, needs are met, and disciples are produced primarily in small groups. The example Jesus gave was a small group of 12!
  1. Can small groups focus on one of the functions, such as discipleship?
Yes. A short-term special emphasis would not be inappropriate. You must recognize that plans will have to be implemented to accomplish the functions the small group does not accomplish. Evangelism that does not result in maturity will produce weak members of the body of Christ. Discipleship that does not result in new Christians is self-centered and will eventually die for lack of new believers.
  1. How can ChurchToday help me with small groups?
There will soon be a list of links which will help you locate resources and help. ChurchToday will be happy to consult with you about starting or strengthening your small group ministry. 


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