Consult Speak Train

Complete evaluation of the church based on 10 key criteria.

  1.  Church Triage: Emergency Care for a Church in Trouble

  2. Godís Picture of a Healthy Church

  3. ChurchToday

  1. Balancing The Purposes

  2. Assimilating Members

  3. Visitation Works

  4. Spiritual Transformation


Evaluation of current paid and volunteer leadership and the leadership development process.

  1.  Successful Leaders Lead

  2. A Biblical View of Leadership

  3. LeadershipToday


  1. Effective Decision- Making

  2. Leadership Teams

  3. MSOffice for the Church Office


SundaY School/ Discipleship Evaluation of current small groups and the church small group strategy.
  1. You Care About the Bible. Do You Care About Me?

  2. SSToday

  3. DiscipleshipToday


  1. A Caring Sunday School

  2. Jumpstart Your SS/DT

  3. Creative SS/DT

  4. Adult SS

  5. Class Leaders

  6. Learning Styles


Teams Evaluation of current team structure and development  of a Ministry Teams strategy.
  1.  Teams or Committees? Just Do It!

  2. TeamsToday



  1.  Effective Ministry Teams

  2. Leading Meetings Effectively